Espresso served straight up


Espresso with foam (8 oz)


Espresso with steamed milk & foam (8 oz)

Cafe Latte$4.25

Espresso with steamed milk


Espresso with hot water



Leche y Leche Latte$4.50

Espresso, sweetened condensed milk, whole milk, cinnamon

Mayan Mocha$4.50

Espresso, whole milk, Mexican spiced cocoa

Madagascar Vanilla Latte$4.50

Espresso, whole milk, Madagascar vanilla syrup

Black & White Mocha$4.50

Espresso, whole milk, premium chocolate cacao & white chocolate


Espresso, whole milk, premium chocolate cacao


Fall Specials

Pumpkin Spice Mocha$4.50

Espresso, whole milk, premium chocolate cacao, pumpkin syrup, pumpkin spice

Pumpkin Pie Latte$4.50

Espresso, whole milk, pumpkin pie sauce, pumpkin spice

Maple Pancake Latte$4.50

Espresso, whole milk, premium maple syrup


Daily Brew$2.25/2.75

Andytown specialty coffee, roasted in San Francisco, CA (12oz/16oz)

Cold Brew$3.75

Steeped cold and served over ice

Cafe Au Lait$3.25/3.75

Coffee and equal parts organic steamed milk (12oz/16oz)



Green / Black / Herbal$3.25

Made from finely-ground leaves

Iced Tea$3

Classic black tea blend

Chai Latte$4.25

Whole milk, spiced chai blend

Matcha Latte$4.25

Whole milk, Japanese matcha green tea blend


Donuts & Pastries

Filled & Fancy Donut$2

Rotating selection, including Blue Corn Blueberry Lavender

Croissant / Muffin / Bread$3

Rotating selection of Whoo's best bakery creations fresh from Santa Fe


Apple & green chile and peach

12 oz drinks unless noted

Add / Sub

Almond / Soy / Oat      $.75

Heavy Cream       $.75

Extra Shot       $1.00